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  • 100% Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt

  • Portable On-Site Production

  • Minimizes Disruption to Business and Commercial Facilities

  • 24/7/365 ALL-SEASON Operation

  • Proven German Technology Now Available in North America

  • Not Like Any Other Asphalt Recycling Machine Previously Available

  • Eliminates Cold Patching

  • Ideal for all Asphalt Maintenance and New Construction

  • The Bagela System’s Recycled Asphalt Meets or Exceeds Current Specs

The North American economy is becoming increasingly dependent on imported crude oil and its refined derivatives. The costs of hydrocarbons and their by-products are trending upward and, over the long run, will continue to do so, given their non-renewable nature. The economics of recycling petroleum derived products will become increasingly favorable.

The Bagela has been accepted and used extensively throughout Europe for over two decades. Up to now, higher petroleum prices in Europe made an earlier and more compelling case for asphalt recycling than could be made here in North America.

In addition to economic considerations, recycling is clearly gaining increased favor with the general populace. Recycling is environmentally correct. It is, quite simply, the right thing to do.


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